OpenDict is written in Python programming language. Python facilities are used to achieve such features as portability through different operating systems (Linux and Windows are currently supported) and plugins.

wxPython is used as GUI toolkit because of its portability.

Writing plugins

Plugin is a piece of software that can be plugged in and used without much effort. OpenDict has dictionary plugins that can be easily installed and gives user new abilities for translating. OpenDict plugins can be written for local or remote dictionaries, for text based or binary ones. Plugin consists of dictionary itself and code that manages search process and can be attached to OpenDict.

See Add-ons Development HOWTO.


New developers of any type are welcome.

Patches should be sent to OpenDict-dev mailing list (information below). Any help is needed to improve OpenDict.

Mailing list

There is opendict-devel mailing list for developers. Subscribe to become involved into project development. Logo